New prices at Total Physiotherapy

The time has come for me to update my prices for yoga classes I run at Total Physiotherapy. Do check the details below, as there are some details you might appreciate!


I moved venue to teach yoga classes at Total Physio in February 2015, and at that time set prices at £9 for a one-off class and £45 for a 6-class card (with an extra class free if the 6 were used within a month). I’ve been able to hold my prices at that level since then. However, the cost of renting the room is increasing from May 2018, so I need to change my pricing accordingly.

There are two changes I am making, which I hope you will find acceptable

New Prices

One-off classes are going up from £9 to £10, and class cards are increasing from £45 to £50. The one-off price will take immediate effect, but I’m going to hold class cards at £45 until the last day of May, and will also allow people to pre-buy one extra card where they would like to do this.

Changed Terms

Consistency is important to achieving the benefits of yoga. With this in mind, I’m also extending the free extra class offer to apply to cards used within 6 weeks, rather than one month. This will open the offer up to students who come to a class every week.

The Result

Using the card, class prices increase from £7.50 to £8.33. However, for people practising yoga consistently every week, the price will actually fall to £7.14.

If our cat Archie had to buy a card, he would be happy!

Teen yoga is back for the summer term!

TeenYoga is back on from this week! As we enter exam season, our teenagers stand to gain a lot from some mental space. The new series will be running at 6:30-7:30PM on Wednesdays at Total Physiotherapy in Amersham, for 5 weeks from 25th April to 23rd May. Places on the course cost £37.50, which is open both to teenagers and their parents.

If you would be interested in reserving spaces, do contact me using the form below or by phone on 07855 312033!

Change of name, same kind of yoga!

If you’ve been to my website before, you might perhaps have noticed a small change in the last couple of weeks: my domain and business name have changed. Previously, I was working under the name “Yoga by Ellie” (, and now I’m known as “Ellie Denman Yoga” ( I just wanted to say that, apart from the change of name, nothing else is changing here, and that I’m continuing to run my usual weekly programme of flowing yoga classes and private tuition. Whether you’re a regular yoga practitioner or have never tried it before and fancy a go, do feel free to join in and see what you think!

Leap day – new yoga class, Monday 9:30AM at Total Physiotherapy, and offer extended!

you-need-yogaDo something special with your Leap Day – 29th February 2016!

I am very excited to be able to announce that this Leap Day I am starting a new yoga class at Total Physiotherapy in Amersham, running every Monday from 9:30-10:30AM. This will be a mixed ability class, suitable for beginners onwards.

If you’re interested in coming along, give me a call on 07855 312033 or, if you’re already set up, then book yourself on using my booking system.

One more thing! As I would hate to see people miss out, I’ve also decided to extend my spring offer pricing to include the month of March. This means that, for the next month, classes will cost either £8 for a one-off or £40 for an unlimited 6-class card. (Normally, a one-off class is £9 and a card costs £45).

I look forward to seeing you on the mat!

TeenYoga – new yoga classes for teenagers at the Bagnall Centre in Chesham

I am very excited to be taking over the TeenYoga class at the Bagnall Centre in Chesham, with the first class on Monday January 11th at 16:45-17:45. This is a girls-only yoga class.

Yoga is great for all levels of fitness, all shapes and sizes, and all levels of flexibility. You DO NOT have to be super-bendy to enjoy yoga. Yoga is for everyone, and has many many benefits including:

  • building strength, tone and flexibility
  • helping you to feel calmer and more relaxed

Yoga can even give you some clever tricks to help handle stresses of everyday life like school work, exams etc.

But don’t just take my word for it, come along and find out for yourself! Now is a great time to try it, too – until the end of February I am running some special offers to encourage people to make this their healthiest year yet.

TeenYoga poster

Spring offers for yoga in Amersham to help you improve your wellbeing

Cheery spring flower

[edit: note that these offers ran in 2016]

The new year is now upon us, a time often associated with new beginnings. What better opportunity will you have to re-commit yourself to improving your health, calmness and wellbeing?

Practising yoga can be a brilliant way to become fitter, healthier and better equipped to cope with the stresses of everyday life. Yoga is great for all levels of fitness, all shapes and sizes, and all levels of flexibility; you DO NOT have to be super-bendy to enjoy yoga. Yoga is for everyone, bringing benefits such as:

  • building strength, tone and flexibility
  • helping you to feel calmer and more relaxed

Yoga can even give you some clever tricks to help handle stresses of everyday life like work pressure, exams etc.

Special prices for January and February

Normally, my classes are priced £9 for a one-off practice, or you can buy a 6-class card (with no expiry date) for £45 – and get a 7th class free if they are used within a month. However for January and February I am running some special offers for current and new clients:

  • All class cards reduced from £45 to £40
  • One-off classes down from £9 to £8

I have a further offer that I will also be running until further notice. If you bring along a friend who then goes on to buy a class card, you will have a choice of two gifts from me:

  • A credit of £5 off your next full-price card, or
  • … A lavender eye pillow

These offers apply to all my own yoga classes – both TeenYoga classes at The Bagnall Centre in Chesham and my mixed sessions at Total Physiotherapy in Amersham (near the Aston Martin garage).

If you are a new client, you can wait until after the class to decide whether to pay the one-off rate or buy a class card, so you can see how you enjoy it first.

Come and try it!

For more information on these classes, or to book a place, please feel free to contact me on 07855 312033, in the comments below or via Twitter or my Facebook page. Also, if my timetable doesn’t suit you but you would still like the space to try some yoga on your own or with friends/colleagues, I am very happy to make other arrangements to teach you locally (Amersham, Chesham, Little Chalfont, Great Missenden etc), and can bring mats etc.