Yoga class timetable

Here's how to book on to a class (with more detail here):

  1. If you're new here, register using "manage account" below. (I'll then assign credits if you have them.)
  2. Scroll down and press "book now" next to your chosen class on the list below, and complete your purchase. You can pay using one-off rates (£8.50 Zoom, £12 indoor), or ...
  3. ... buy a card first (see below) to get reduced rates.

NB if you'd like to use Zoom credits towards indoor use, get in touch and I'll sort it

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Check your bookings

See what classes and cards you've booked. If you're new here, you can set yourself up too.

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Indoor card


For 5 classes (£10 each)

Save £2 per class compared to the one-off indoor rate. Valid for six months.

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Zoom card


For 5 classes (£7.40 each)

Come to 5 classes over six months, for a saving over the £8.50 drop-in rate.

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