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Update, 31st May

Photo by Ankush Minda on Unsplash

Dad is very slowly recovering and I finally came home on Friday night. It is wonderful to be home again! I am so looking forward to resuming teaching on Tuesday. At the moment the sun is shining and it feels like we are slowly emerging from a dark tunnel to a brighter place.

Update, 21st May

We are on day 15 now, and my dad is so exhausted by this vile virus. But the 111 GP thinks we have passed the crisis point. She said we had done well. I think when she said that the full enormity of it all began to dawn on me. My dad, who is in his 80s, has an underlying lung condition and has Covid. He is in the same house as my mum, who has severe chronic progressive MS. The carer who was with us here is a woman of colour – she is also at high risk. My teacher Mimi talks about something called ‘pendulating’ – essentially when something is too much to deal with, you steer your thoughts away from that thing and come back to it later. And that is what I am doing as much as I can. Continue reading

Update, 18th May

Today Dad woke up and said he was feeling a little better. That has to be a good thing. He is doing so well as a man in his 80s with a lung condition.

Mum’s lovely carer, in full PPE

However, this morning it appeared that we wouldn’t be able to secure a live-in carer to come in from Wednesday (mum needs 2 carers and I am not hoist trained). I have been desperately trying, without success, to secure Covid tests for mum and myself to reassure carers that she and I are clear of the virus. This will make it a lot easier for the care company to find carers who are not too frightened to come into the house. Dad is totally isolated and I have acquired the very best PPE we can from eBay (protective glasses, hair cap, full lab coat, high quality masks and gloves). However I do completely understand the carers’ fear. Anyway, miraculously Michelle from Able Care managed to Continue reading

Things to be grateful for, 17th May

Things to be grateful for:

  1. My dad is still alive and we are on day 11 of covid.
  2. Mum still has no symptoms.
  3. I am grateful for Tim, Lottie, Grace and Alex. I can feel their love even though we are not physically together.
  4. I am grateful for Gwenny who is an Angel in human form.
  5. I am grateful for Kelly who is an Angel in human form.
  6. I am grateful for the GP who Continue reading

Yoga and hygiene

Photo of washing hands by Curology on UnsplashGiven the events in the news surrounding Coronavirus, I have put in place two changes to how I run my classes, to try to follow best practice.

Firstly, I am advising students to bring their own yoga mats, to minimise the change of cross-contamination. If you don’t have one, they are widely available from many sources including Amazon who sell the mats I have been using. I will still bring a few mats along just in case anyone forgets, though.

For the same reason I am also suspending use of eye pillows for the time being. These are also widely available to buy eg here on Amazon if you would like to bring your own.

Space for some yoga in the autumn!

I do hope you had a really enjoyable summer! It hardly seems possible that the autumn school term is about to start, yet here it is. Similarly, my yoga classes start back this week, with a soft start on the timetable and a few changes and additions you might be interested in. Details below, in a nutshell.

If you’re new to yoga, do get in touch and feel very welcome to come and try a class out. Just wear something comfortable and come a few minutes early so I can explain how things work. My Tuesday evening class at the Amersham School is a particularly good one to start with, as the venue is spacious and easy to find.

Market Hall (Monday am)

Tomorrow I am running a single 10:35am class, for all levels and abilities. From next Monday though (9th September) both classes will be back to normal.

Chi (Monday pm) *** new class ***

From next Monday 9th, I will be teaching a 6:30pm class at Chi Personal Training up in Coleshill, just off Magpie Lane. As you’ll see from their website, this is a rather special gym and yoga venue. Classes can be booked through their booking page on the website.

Yin + Yoga (Tuesday am)

My 9:30am class will be back to normal from this week, and spaces can be booked on their website.

Amersham School Dance Studio (Tuesday pm)

This class is now back to running as normal.

Total Physiotherapy (Wednesday pm)

I am running a single class here from this week, at 7pm. I am planning to stick to a single class for the time being, due to extra capacity now being available at different locations.

Hastoe Hall – Yoga retreat, 17th November

Details to be confirmed, but my colleague Colette and I are running a retreat in November. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll send details when they are ready.

New Tuesday yoga venue: Amersham School Dance Studio

From this Tuesday onward, my 8pm yoga class is moving venue to the lovely Dance Studio at the Amersham School. The Studio is equipped with beautiful, sprung oak flooring and will provide a lovely space in which to practise yoga.

The Studio is located within the brand-new sports hall, which is found on the left as you pass through the entrance gate from the turning circle up to the school. The car park is available for your use, and to find the Studio itself just go through the glass doors on the corner of the new building; the Studio is just through the doors on the left. These locations have been annotated onto this picture from Google Maps:

The full address of the school is: Amersham School, Stanley Hill, Amersham HP7 9HH.

I look forward to seeing people there!

Weekly update, 18th June ’18

Greet the summer solstice with an open heart! 🙂 Come and enjoy a shoulder and hip-opening practice with me this week. Here are the classes I’m going to be teaching. For more details on venues, locations and how to book, take a look at my general timetable page.

Fit Club Yin & Yoga Total Physio
Monday 9.30-10.30am (full)
10.35-11.35am (full)
Tuesday 9.30-10.30am 7.45-8.45pm (full)
Wednesday TeenYoga 6.30-7.30pm
7.45-8.45pm (full)
Thursday 8.00-9.00pm
Friday 9.00-10.00am Yin flow 11.30-12.30pm
Sunday Yin flow 9.00-10.00am