Things to be grateful for, 17th May

Posted by Ellie Denman on May 17, 2020

Things to be grateful for:

  1. My dad is still alive and we are on day 11 of covid.
  2. Mum still has no symptoms.
  3. I am grateful for Tim, Lottie, Grace and Alex. I can feel their love even though we are not physically together.
  4. I am grateful for Gwenny who is an Angel in human form.
  5. I am grateful for Kelly who is an Angel in human form.
  6. I am grateful for the GP who is at the end of the phone and has offered practical and helpful advice.
  7. I am grateful to our NHS. The calm, practical and compassionate support they are providing is wonderful.
  8. I am grateful to the kind Tesco delivery man who looked so kind and told me to take care.
  9. I am grateful to Zoom. Yesterday I saw my family and mum saw them too. We all wore red to show we are connected by love.
  10. I am grateful for Colette who organised the wellness retreat today. She brought together a team of compassionate, intelligent and resourceful women to encourage self-care and resilience. I am grateful to all those women. It was very powerful and helped me feel that I am not alone.
  11. The weather is beautiful and I can hear the birds sing. I am grateful for the beautiful garden here and the fact I have been able to meditate and practise Qigong in the garden.
  12. Today I heard a cuckoo and was able to tell dad. He told me it was a day later than last year. That was awesome.
  13. I have a teacher called Mimi who has brought me Qigong. This is the practice for me right now. It is as if they looked at me and said what does she need and they produced this wonderful practice. It anticipates the emotions flooding through me and gently softly wraps me in a warm comforting hug, guiding me through my body and my mind. It is a practice that is experiential. I am in my body but connected to my emotions. It helps me to make sense of what is happening to me at a little distance.
  14. I am grateful to all my teachers. They have given me tools to use. And I am using them. This cannot be understated. To all of them – thank you.
  15. I am grateful dad got grumpy today. It means he’s getting stronger – and I never thought I would say I was grateful for his grumpiness lol!
  16. I am grateful for WhatsApp as it keeps me connected.
  17. I am grateful to Sam Lloyd-Adams for being so supportive, grounded and kind for me when I was losing it.
  18. I am grateful to Karen who has offered wonderful practical support.
  19. I am grateful to Ali who sent us beautiful flowers.
  20. I am grateful for the messages I have received – Faisal, Nandita, Petra, Mark, all the girls on WhatsApp (they are always there and they make me laugh), Darrell, Nina, Holger, Claudia, Faranza, Caroline, Sophie, Mimi, Nick Tunstall and there are so many more.
  21. I am grateful to my aunt and uncle. They love us and they are my family.
  22. I am grateful for my grandparents. I think of them every day and what they went through in their lives with their sense of humour and resilience. I feel them with me. Sometimes it is such a strong feeling I have a conversation with them. Yep maybe I am losing it.
  23. I am grateful for the strength I have right now. Sometimes if I think about it all I feel so terrified. But right now in the present moment everything is OK.
  24. I am grateful to Sarah Lloyd. She may have been taken from us in March but her blog is my inspiration.
  25. I am grateful for my clients – they are my tribe and I cannot wait to teach them again.
  26. I am grateful that my teachers have given me tools to learn how to accept complete uncertainty with no knowledge of what might happen. The way of the Dao has been particularly helpful.

Thank you Thank you Thank you