Update, 18th May

Posted by Ellie Denman on May 18, 2020

Today Dad woke up and said he was feeling a little better. That has to be a good thing. He is doing so well as a man in his 80s with a lung condition.

[caption id="attachment_719" align="alignright" width="200"] Mum's lovely carer, in full PPE[/caption]

However, this morning it appeared that we wouldn’t be able to secure a live-in carer to come in from Wednesday (mum needs 2 carers and I am not hoist trained). I have been desperately trying, without success, to secure Covid tests for mum and myself to reassure carers that she and I are clear of the virus. This will make it a lot easier for the care company to find carers who are not too frightened to come into the house. Dad is totally isolated and I have acquired the very best PPE we can from eBay (protective glasses, hair cap, full lab coat, high quality masks and gloves). However I do completely understand the carers' fear. Anyway, miraculously Michelle from Able Care managed to find someone to come to us on Wednesday. So although we don’t yet have Covid tests available to us, we do have a carer. Hurray hurray hurray! (air punch!)

I also managed to be pretty insensitive to a very close friend of mine who has been immensely supportive. It was unintentional of course but still hurtful. A timely reminder of how easy it is to hurt the people you love most by mistake. Not my finest moment.

All these things take my emotions up and down. One moment I am calm, the next I am so scared about tomorrow. I miss my family so much it's starting to feel like a physical pain. I really need a hug. I guess that is being human too, and completely natural.

So I have just taken myself into the garden and made myself do Qigong. Despite my mind chattering away for about three quarters of the practice it has still helped calm and soothe me. Oh yes! And I heard the cuckoo again. Best of all dad is eating more and talking more. I will take that.